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below are sample pages from  "Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?"

words :  Mark Kelly

images :  Vinny Lewis

these are sample pages from "Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?"

words :  Mark Kelly

images :  Vinny Lewis


Mark Kelly was born in Birkenhead, Merseyside on Xmas Eve 1954.

Working class. Passed 11 plus exams. Sent two bus rides across town to a "good" school.

Grew up with Mersey Beat and Mersey Poets.  The Scaffold   Liverpool Scene   Grimms

Aged 16, performing poetry in pubs and clubs. Youngest member of Merseyside Poetry Circus.

Met Spencer Leigh with whom he wrote the play "Mythew Street".

Favourite poets then : Harold and Sylvia Hikins  Richard Hill   Spike Hawkins   Tom Pickard  Ivor Cutler  Adrian Mitchell .

First music recordings (bought on reel to reel tapes!) were by The Hollies and Freddie and the Dreamers . Then an EP by The Kinks

and a single, ("My Generation") by The Who . In teens, drawn to (mostly Northern) singer-songwriters : Jimmy Campbell   Mike Hart  

Bridget St John  Jimmy Stevens   Kevin Coyne   Roy Harper  and some Americans : Bob Dylan   Phil Ochs   Tom Paxton .

Later, weirdness crept in : Captain Beefheart  Wire   Faust   The Residents  Alternative TV .

Also an interest in contemporary "classical" composition : Brian Eno  Gavin Bryars   Steve Reich   La Monte Young    Charles Ives .

From the beginning, especially interested in the restless artistic quest of Scott Walker the romantic longing of Leonard Cohen

the dreamlike visions of Kate Bush and the relentless beat of Bo Diddley

Essex University. English & European Literature.

Fringe theatre :  Artaud, Grotowski, Beckett and Brecht .

Favourite theatre groups then :  RAT Theatre, Phantom Captain, Triple Action, 7:84, Red Ladder.

Later worked with RAT Theatre.

Saw early shows by John Dowie  John Cooper Clarke  Attila The Stockbroker  Seething Wells                   

Based in Colchester Essex, Mark's music and theatre group Missing Persons were an integral part of the DIY alternative music scene

which tried to maintain and expand the punk ethos.


Moved to London. Early days of Alternative Cabaret. Over 2,000 gigs.

Double act - Cheap & Nasty - with Paul Brightwell. Then solo as Mr Nasty and under real name.

Performed in comedy package with  Pat Condell   Claire Dowie .

Venues such as Meccano Club, Earth Exchange, Tunnel Club, Red Rose Club, Banana Cabaret

and the only one still run by its original promoter : Downstairs at the King's Head .

An ironic celebration show "Mark Kelly - 25 Years In Showbusiness" at  Union Chapel, Islington, London

featured friends :  Jo Brand  Eddie Izzard  Harry Hill  Alan Davies  Jeff Green  Rhona Cameron  and  Mark Lamarr .

Two poetry books - "NO TO NEGATIVITY!" (less 002) and "NO FUTURE IN NOSTALGIA" (less 003) were launched at this gig.

Both editions are now SOLD OUT.


                                      "The future's so bright I gotta wear a full radiation suit!"